What is Snow Day?

For those students/parents who are new to Bay Park Elementary, Snow Day is a ‘cool’ FREE event sponsored and hosted by the PTA every other year (not this year.). The hill between the Kindergarten playground and the TK classroom (normally locked gate) is turned into a snow ramp. Covered with pounds and pounds of snow, kids take turns sledding down the hill. The PTA also serves Hot Chocolate to all the students.


Thanks to YOUR and our community’s generous donations to our 2 big fundraisers to date (Fall Fundraiser and Jog-a-thon), we have extra money to spend this year!

The PTA is actively working on amazing things to bring to our school with the extra dough (you’ll hear more about that later), but as a thank you to our amazing kids who jogged their little hearts out, and to you for all your donations to our Fall Fundraiser and Jog-a-thon, our normally scheduled Bay Park Elementary Snow Day (every other year, and this is the off year) will be interrupted….and we are bringing a


This is truly one of the activities that brings the BIGGEST smiles on our kids faces! Stay tuned for the date (TBD) and keep in mind we’ll need some amazing parents like you to help that day to witness the joy and make the snow day come to life. Sledding and hot chocolate, right on school grounds, during the school day….YAY!!!!! WAY TO GO BAY PARK ELEMENTARY!!!!






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