Spirit Store

We are excited to introduce Bay Park Elementary’s e-store! Now the Spirit Store will be available all year long! All orders are custom made on demand and shipped to you DIRECTLY within 7-14 business days from purchase. Check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change?
There are so many great reasons to move the Spirit Store online. We can keep the store open all year! You will get your merchandise far quicker. Volunteers do not have to spend hours sorting and delivering items. Your gear will be shipped directly to your home! There’s no uncertainty about ordering too much or too little. The online vendor has their own customer service team. Last but not least, we can have many more options for our Stingrays!

Why are there multiple designs?
The classic “Sally the Stringray” design will always be available; however, some items (shorts, koozie, masks, drawstring bags, etc.) could not use the “Bay Park Elementary” script of that design.

Will there be other designs?
At present, we are staying with the class “Sally the Stringray” design. With that being said, having an e-store will make it very easy to add other design options moving forward. We will keep you in the loop if other designs are made available!

How long until I receive my order?
Most orders will be produced, packaged and leave our production facility within 7-14 business days. All orders are shipped UPS or USPS and may take up to 5-10 days to arrive at your address.

Where are the tank tops?
I know… I know… Right now, the e-store does not have tank tops available. If the vendor begins carrying them, we will update the product list to include tank tops. Same goes for bandanas and any other item you wish the store carried!

Who should I contact with questions?
The Spirit Store Chair for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school year is Bridgett Ross. She can be reached at RossPsychology@gmail.com. For question specific to your order, the support team at Apparel Now can assist you at support@apparelnow.com