Frequently Asked Questions
About Serving as a PTA Member

Who can serve?

Men, women, parents, grandparents, teachers, staff and members of the community who are members of the Bay Park PTA ($20.00 annual dues) can serve as an officer or a board member. You do not have to have a student at Bay Park Elementary to serve on the PTA. Good candidates for PTA officers are adults who have willingness to

  • Learn what the PTA’s purposes and policies are and to follow them.
  • Reflect and embrace diversity of the school community.
  • Participate in leadership training programs when necessary.
  • Create a climate of support and mutual respect.
  • Act in the best interest of PTA and it’s mission of One Voice. Every Child.
  • Attend 1 board meeting a month and 3 association meetings for the school year.

What is required financially of a PTA officer?

  • The only financial requirement is that all officers are required to be a PTA member. Membership dues are $20/year.
  • What about training costs? Workshops are available for some positions at no cost to the volunteer.
  • Officers are not expected to incur any out-of-pocket expenses because they follow the PTA budget and work within a budgeted amount. Materials and supplies used during the course of your volunteer service are approved expenses in the PTA budget and you know ahead of time what that approved amount is.

How much time does being a PTA officer require?

  • PTA officers must attend 1 Board Meeting per month from September to May of the school year they are elected to office. Board meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every other month and begin at 6pm. Board meetings are closed to the public and last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Childcare is provided and paid for by the PTA budget.
  • PTA officers must attend 3 PTA Association meetings in the school year they are elected to office. PTA Association meetings are held in October, January and March and begin at 6:00pm. These meetings are open to all PTA members and community members who wish to attend. Each meeting lasts between 1 to 2 hours. Childcare is provided and paid for by the PTA Budget.
  • Any other hours required or suggested are located within a separate document titled PTA Officer Positions which can be found on

If you have any questions regarding becoming a nominee for the current school year, please email the PTA President here:

For a complete list of all officer positions and their duties visit

The mission of the Bay Park Elementary PTA is to positively impact the lives of BPE children and families
by providing fun and educational extracurricular activities that encourage a sense of community and enrich the
elementary school experience at our school. We empower our students to be the best they can be in an engaging positive scholastic experience.


For Committee Position descriptions, please reach out to the current chair of the committee. Contact information for each committee chair is located at

-Presides at all meetings of the Association and PTA Board and provide agenda for each (1x/month)
-Conducts meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (PTA Summer Training for this)
-Works closely with Principal Barnes on coordinating PTA events with school calendar

-Attends all meetings of the Association and the PTA Board
-Keeps accurate records of all meetings of the PTA Association and Board meetings
-Distribute copies of the minutes of all Board/Association meetings to executive board members in a timely fashion and have copies ready to distribute to Association members and the next month’s meeting for approval.

VP – Programs, Events & Assemblies
-Acts as the liaison between all program, events and assemblies on campus and the PTA Board and Association.

-Works closely with chairs of events to insure they are getting the proper support that is needed

-Works with outside vendors in coordinate programs that are ran during and after school that are funded by the PTA

-Coordinates Red-Ribbon Week dates/times with the principal
-Plans assemblies

VP – Hospitality
-Provides refreshments at recognitions and events, principal coffee chats, PTA Association meetings, and teach appreciation events.

VP – Correspondence
-Facilitates all correspondence that is generated by the PTA, acting as the main person of contact when something is needing to be published

-Works closely with the volunteers that take care of the Splash, Konstella, PTA Website, Bay Park Press, Facebook

VP – Membership
-Keeps accurate records of all members 

-Actively works on gaining membership throughout the year

-Facilitates questions from members in regards to what being a member entails

-Acts as the liaison between members of the Association and the Executive Board

-Manages PTA finances, prepares monthly reports using PTAEZ

-Writes checks, works with accountant for taxes

-Audits financial reports by Treasurer 2x a year (January and July)