About Us


The mission of the Bay Park Elementary PTA is to positively impact the lives of BPE children and families by providing fun and educational extracurricular activities that encourage a sense of community and enrich the elementary school experience at our school.

We empower our students to be the best they can be in an engaging positive scholastic experience.

PTA Executive Board Meetings

The PTA board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. These closed door meetings provide time to go over the current budget, discuss upcoming events as well as converse on new ideas and ways to build community amongst the student body.

PTA Association Meetings

PTA Association meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May. (Dates may change due to holidays.) These open meetings allow members of the PTA to gather and go over the current budget, discuss upcoming events as well as address any concerns that the association members have with regards to the executive board or events held at the school. Please check our calendar for meeting dates.

PTA Board and Committee Descriptions

PTA Board

The PTA Board is the governing body of the PTA Association. We work with the members, administration and committees to form goals, a vision, a budget, hear requests and facilitate activities. We oversee fundraising, expenses and program within the PTA. Just by being a PTA member you have a voting right but if you want to be involved in planning what comes up for a vote, please join us!

– Presides at all meetings of the Association and PTA Board and provide agenda for each (1x/month)
– Conducts meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (PTA Summer Training for this)
– Works closely with Principal Barnes on coordinating PTA events with school calendar

– Attends all meetings of the Association and the PTA Board
– Keeps accurate records of all meetings of the PTA Association and Board meetings
– Distribute copies of the minutes of all Board/Association meetings to executive board members in a timely fashion and have copies ready to distribute to Association members and the next month’s meeting for approval.

– Manages PTA finances, prepares monthly reports using PTAEZ
– Writes checks, works with accountant for taxes

VP – Membership
– Actively works on gaining membership throughout the year
– Maintains records of all members
– Facilitates questions from members in regards to what being a member entails
– Acts as a liaison between members of the Association and the Executive Board

VP – Programs, Events & Assemblies
– Acts as the liaison between all program, events and assemblies on campus and the PTA Board and Association.
– Works closely with chairs of events to insure they are getting the proper support that is needed
– Works with outside vendors in coordinate programs that are ran during and after school that are funded by the PTA
– Coordinates Red-Ribbon Week dates/times with the principal
– Plans assemblies

VP – Hospitality
– Provides refreshments at recognitions and events, principal coffee chats, PTA Association meetings, and teacher appreciation events.

VP – Correspondence
– Oversees correspondence that is generated by the PTA, acting as main person of contact when something is needing to be published.
– Works closely with the volunteers that take care of the Splash, Konstella, PTA Website, Bay Park Press, Facebook

– Audits financial reports by Treasurer 2x a year (January and July)

Committee & Coordinator Roles

This is where the fun happens. Most activities, events and programs the PTA sponsors are managed by committees and executed by volunteers.

Chairpersons: in charge of forming and managing committees and/or volunteers and communicate with the PTA Board.

Coordinators: Similar to chairpersons but typically include task specific responsibility where full committees are not required.

Fundraising Chairpersons
Some of the most important rolls, keep those funds coming in!
Jog-a-thon Chair
Fall Fundraiser Chair
Auction Chair – BPE Auction and Gala Event Planning Committee
Spirit Store Chair – (BPE Swag)

Help keep parents and students informed
Splash Coordinator – Manages and sends email blasts via Constant Contact
Webpage Coordinator – Add periodic content updates to website
Konstella Coordinator – Coordinate Bay Park’s Primary Communications, Fundraising and Volunteer Porthole

Social and Community Building
Halloween Carnival Chair
Valentine’s Family Dance Chair
Campus Beautification Project Chair
Variety Show Chair
Recycle Days Coordinator
Ice Cream Social Coordinator

Special Committees
5th Grade Committee
Safety Committee
Library Committee
Room/Class Parent Liaison
TK/Kindergarten Liaison
Staff Appreciation
D.O.G.S (Dads Of Great Students).

Jr. Theatre Chair
S.T.E.M Chair
Garden Chair
Jr. Achievement/Biztown Coordinator
STEAM and Movie Night Coordinator
Family Reading Night Coordinator
Stingray Store Coordinator
Jogging Club Coordinator
Safety Patrol Coordinator