It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of the school – crept up on me again!
I thought I would share a fun suggestion one of our teachers made when I asked about how to keep my kids engaged in some type of educational activity over the summer…

She suggested creating a “gratitude journal” where they write at least one thing daily that they are thankful for.

I LOVE this idea for so many reasons!

First, I have been hearing more and more that creating a regular practice of sharing gratitude positively impacts a person’s well being; and if we can start these good habits early we set our kids up for a more healthy and positive life experience. Second, because I know that the goodwill that is created when someone shares genuine gratitude is powerful and creates more positivity in our school community. Last, it’s a simple thing for our kids to do and it feels like a fun summer activity instead of “summer homework”.

As I reflect on my time as PTA President, I am filled with gratitude for so many things… our amazing volunteers, our great sense of community and the strong connections our kids are making to each other and our families. I am deeply grateful for the amazing teachers and staff who ensure there is a safe and positive learning environment for our children every single day.

Enjoy your summer, and try creating a gratitude practice, see what it brings!