School Fundraisers

With continued reductions in Bay Park’s school budgeteach school year, fundraisers remain vital tools of the PTA and Foundation so we can continue our commitment to the students and staff of Bay Park by providing essential instructional materials, programs and monetary support.  We are grateful to have a supportive parent community and who also want their student(s) to get More Than Just An Education.  Your passion, involvement and sense of pride in your school is appreciated more than you know!

What We Fund

Choir Instructor
Art Instructor
Jogging Club
Junior Achievement
Disaster Supplies
Field Trip Transportation
Classroom Supplies
Stingray Store
Positive Student Rewards
Family Events
Recorders for 4th Grade Music
Razz Kids
Classroom Supplies
Cultural Arts
and so much more!

If you have any questions about the fundraising activities, please contact us at