Dear Stingray Families
Tonight May 4th, 2022 is our last Association Meeting for the year.  We will be meeting in person in the auditorium at 6pm.  We need as many of you as possible to show up to meet quorum requirements as we need to vote on several key items, like next year’s budget and PTA slate.

There are a few things to note before I get into the agenda:
Please arrange for childcare.  With all the restrictions up until this point, we did not fund child care for PTA meetings.  This is being added for next year and we hope this does not deter you from attending tonight.
#2 Please eat dinner before or after the meeting.  We will have some small bites and refreshments but a full meal will not be provided.

Pass out budget and board slate for members:  Erin Kluzak

New Business:
Add Movie Night line item to budget for 2021/2022
Add 4th Grade Squid Dissection line item to budget for 2021/2022
Add Jr. Achievement line item to budget for 2021/2022
Increase transportation budget for 2021/2022
Vote for PTA Board Slate- Gabby Strickler presents
Vote for PTA 2022/2023 preliminary budget- LInda Ford presents

Reading of minutes from last Association Meeting – Tina Ellis
Treasurer’s Report – Linda Ford
Release of funds – Linda Ford
Ratification of checks – Linda Ford
Committee Reports-Gabby Strickler (only if necessary)
Principal’s Report – Leslie Barnes
President’s Report – Gabby Strickler
Close meeting – Gabby Strickler

We are so excited to make this leap into normalcy and plan a year of fun and fresh ideas.  We need your vote, maybe this year more than ever, so if your dues are paid and you are an active member we need you tonight.  All hands on deck.  Looking forward to seeing all of your faces.

Gabby Strickler
Bay Park Elementary PTA