Our Safety Patrol Kids need us to step up and help out.  What we are hoping is that some of you would be willing to form a committee with the needs of these amazing kids in mind, as well as a few other school safety needs.
Here’s what we are hoping for:
  • One amazing grownup to be the chair of the Safety Committee and be the point person for the group, and to create a sign up schedule for volunteers at the 3 minute zone.
  • 2 to 3 grown up volunteers to be at pick up and drop off in the 3 minute zone, each day,  to help support our Safety Patrol with positive energy and encouragement, as well as being a  presence that will ultimately be a deterrent to what has been decidedly non-grownup behavior.
  • Miss Barnes has also asked that this committee might raise funds for, or find donations for new backpacks for the emergency supplies in each classroom.  She is hoping for them to be the color red, be big enough to hold all the things each teacher needs, and that they are able to hang on a hook on a wall making them convenient to grab.

Thank you for considering and please contact Gabby Strickler when you decide to be the chair or a 3 minute zone volunteer.