What a Great year we’ve had so far! We’ve had a lot of fun: Movie Night, the Halloween Carnival, Mr. Formo dropping a bucket of ice water over Ms. Barnes, Jog-a-thon, donating for Adopt-A-Family, shopping for family and friends at the Holiday Store and Spirit Week where we saw crazy hair styles and equally crazy socks.

We have a wonderful PTA Board again this year who, with all of their time and dedication ensure successful events and fundraising for our school. Thank you to each of you for everything you do for our students!

Thank you to our Bay Park students, staff, parents, guardians and community, as this couldn’t happen without you and your support!  Life is busy, and even more so once we become parents/guardians.  With everything there is to juggle between family, school, work, faith, friendships, sports and time to ourselves, we appreciate how challenging it can be to find time to volunteer.  Because of your efforts, your children are in a wonderful school with great teachers and staff and an ever-growing community of support.  I hope each of you enjoy this holiday season, and the time away from the hustle and bustle, wherever the holidays may find you.

We are looking forward to an amazing 2015, with Snow Day, Family Reading Night, Family Valentine’s Dance and our Ohana Luau Gala coming up in the first 3 months!

We will be sending our requests for new people to join the PTA Board; please consider joining, whether it be an event or committee chair or to be part of a committee. It is so rewarding to see the work we do have such a positive impact on our sweet children.

Thank you for your support, Happy Holidays!

Meg Fegan
PTA President