This coming up week is supposed to very warm with inland temperatures reaching the 90s. We do have some reprieve as we are on the bay but temperatures will still be uncomfortable.

Attending an older school also has it’s challenges when it comes to warmer/cooler days but there are things you can do as a parent to help your student be comfortable in class.

  • Pack an extra water bottle with ice in it. Students are allowed to have water in a closed container at their desk. No matter what time of year – this is allowed in all classrooms. So pack an extra one and put some ice in it so it stays cool throughout the day.
  • Dress your student in loose and breathable clothing. Stick to light colors and cotton fibers or dry wick performance materials. Avoid heavier material like denim or polyester as it does not breath as easily and can trap heat and moisture as your student plays.
  • For extra help, you can purchase a cooling neckerchief that your student can wear at school. Please be sure it does not drip water or make your students shirt wet and that they know the responsibility of owning one and taking care of it. The school is not responsible for lost items.
  • Last, make sure your student get’s plenty of Zzzzs. Alert students are more aware of their body signs of fatigue and can limit their activity when needed.

The PTA will be sponsoring ice cold water for both Monday and Tuesday during snack and lunch recesses. We will also have extra shade canopies up for students to sit under and cool down.

The staff and teachers are doing every thing in their power to make the school day comfortable. If temperatures get too high, which is unlikely on the coast, alternate recess activities will be published and followed. We all hope this hot and humid weather departs soon and we are joined again by our outstanding weather every other state wishes they had.

Stay Cool!